Best Mom Backpacks for Travel

Best Travel Backpack for Moms

I’ve learned from years of traveling with my family that my everyday purse just isn’t going to cut it when we are out on our adventures.

I am constantly setting my bag down to help my kids with something or it is falling off my shoulder every time I bend down. Mom problems, right?

That’s why I switched to a travel backpack when we head out on our adventures. The best travel backpacks for Moms should keep all your stuff organized, be comfortable to carry, and of course, be a fashionable and cute Mom backpack too!

The type of Mom backpack you may need will depend on the type of trip you are taking. This list will help you find the best travel backpack for Moms for all different uses.

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Best Travel Backpack for Moms – Daily Use

This cute travel backpack is great for everyday use. It’s stylish enough that you may just end up using it to replace your everyday purse! This backpack also converts to a shoulder bag and has a ton of pockets to organize all your stuff. It’s even large enough to carry an iPad or 14″ and under laptop. I like to have a backpack like this when I know most of my adventures will be to places like museums, zoos, botanical gardens or sightseeing tours.

Best Small Travel Backpack for Moms

Are you a Mom who is ready to graduate to a cute, smaller backpack? When your kids get older and you aren’t lugging around all their stuff anymore, this stylish backpack from Baggallini is the best! I love all the different colors they have (the Portobello Shimmer is a great neutral color that goes with everything!) Plus, you can wear this backpack as a traditional two strap backpack, or zip them together and wear it like a sling backpack! It also has RFID protection built-in, which is another great feature for travel.

Best Backpack for Amusement Parks

I recently purchased this travel backpack for all the Mom stuff I have to carry around amusement parks. You know, all the snacks, water bottles, etc. that no one else wants to carry! It’s a great backpack for Moms with toddlers that can’t carry their own stuff yet. It has padded shoulder straps for comfort as well as a padded back so those water bottles aren’t digging into your back all day. The front zippered pocket is great for your phone, hand sanitizer, or anything you need to have quick access to. It’s a great Mom backpack for Disney, Legoland, Universal Studios, or any amusement park you and your family visit.

Best Travel Backpack for Hiking

This hiking backpack from Teton is great because it has a water bladder plus a lot of storage room. Some backpacks with hydration packs have room for little else. This one has plenty of room for snacks, extra water bottles (I always have an extra for our dog), and even geocaching gear. Another nice feature is the hydration ports on both the left and right side, great for left-handers! It also comes in a ton of different colors so you can pick your favorite!

Best Laptop Travel Backpack

One of the things that I love about my travel laptop backpack is that it fits A TON of stuff and keeps my laptop protected. That being said, it can definitely get heavy. I don’t always travel with my laptop but when I do, I usually load this one up and bring a smaller stow and go backpack for the times when I don’t need a backpack this large. When I get to my destination, I can take out my laptop and everything else I crammed in there and use the backpack for daytrips or hiking.

Best Stow and Go Travel Backpack

As I mentioned above, when I’m traveling with my laptop and a big backpack, I like to also bring along a compact travel backpack for quick day drips or running in to the store. This cute backpack easily folds up into a very small zip bag that I can toss into my larger bag. The only downside to this compact backpack is that it doesn’t have much padding (or else it wouldn’t be able to fold into a small pouch). However, I have used it for short hikes and even at Legoland and it has been comfortable enough.

Best Travel Diaper Bag Backpack

Although my diaper bag days are long gone, we always appreciated having a travel backpack to use as our diaper bag when the boys were little. This diaper bag backpack has a lot of great features, including a changing pad and insulated bottle pockets. It’s also very highly rated on Amazon, and comes in a variety of colors. Pro tip: buy a neutral color that your husband won’t mind carrying too!

While the best travel backpack for Moms may change depending on where you are going or who you are traveling with, this list should cover most of your possible needs! And of course there’s no harm in owning a few cute Mom backpacks 🙂

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